About DES

We founded Digital Engineering Solutions in 2004 between three friends who shared a passion for technical innovation. We started by creating specialized software for just a handful of customers and many of those are still with us today.

Our values guided us to grow slowly using the organic approach rather than with large campaigns or advertising initiatives. To this day we remain a debt-free company and have reinvested our profit each year back into our business to help it move forward at a sustainable rate.

We believe every industry is a customer-service industry and always find a way to bring projects to a successful destination. Slowly but surely our very satisfied customers have multiplied and our team currently has a healthy flow of recurring work across four key areas. These complete our mission of providing practical, innovative technology and relevant expertise that is second to none.

Highlights from Our Team

Mike Zieman

CEO, Managing Partner

Mike works with our customers to formulate and design a solution then guides our team through it toward an exciting & successful result.

Ryan Sears

Sr. Product Manager

Ryan excels at capturing and refining requirements, deconstructing them into accomplishable units, and helping the team achieve consistency from a product and user-experience standpoint.

David Metzler

Lead Developer

David is able to fully envision complex software projects, choosing an appropriate technical architecture, and leading implementation.

Elijah McKinley

Software Developer

Elijah rocks at quickly assessing, learning, and fully understanding all sorts of technical systems, especially software and integration projects.

Steven Corrales

Software Developer

Steven specializes in designing building the mobile applicaiton user interfaces and platform specific components of our large feelts of Android & iOS apps.

Beth Maher

Quality and Consistency

Beth helps improve the quality of our systems and products by independently testing them and constantly improving our QA processes.